Great News! Wealth Advisors Group Realigns Broker-Dealer Affiliation with Lincoln Financial Advisors

By David Urovsky

August 25, 2015 represents a major milestone for Wealth Advisors Group. On that date, we realigned our broker-dealer affiliation with Lincoln Financial Advisors (LFA), one of Lincoln Financial Network’s two broker-dealers. As a result, we now have access to Lincoln’s full U.S.-wide planning and technology capabilities.

We could not be more excited about the promise this new relationship with Lincoln Financial Advisors holds for our clients. Now we will be able to tap into all the capabilities and resources of Lincoln Financial Network so that we can serve clients even better and take our firm to the next level. This move will benefit everybody involved.

We’re delighted that we will be affiliated with LFA’s Greater Washington, D.C. Regional Planning Office, which will give our clients access to the full support that Lincoln offers to financial advisors and clients throughout the Greater D.C. marketplace. This includes a local planning department, local operations department and local technology team that provides the latest upgrades and updates in the financial services industry.

One of the most important benefits of our new alliance with Lincoln will be expanded access to research, analytics and financial planning resources.

We will be working closely with Stefan Lambert, managing principal of LFA’s Greater Washington, D.C. office. Here is what he had to say about our new affiliation: “We are delighted that David is bringing his 20+ years of experience in financial planning, investment management and wealth management to our Frederick marketplace. David and his team represent the core values that LFA advisors throughout the country embrace in assisting clients with financial matters, including comprehensive and holistic planning, as well as a risk-adjusted approach to investment management and wealth management.”

Reinforcing Lambert’s comment about risk, one of our hallmarks at Wealth Advisors Group is maintaining a strong emphasis on managing risk in a portfolio. Our number one goal is to obtain optimal returns with the least amount of risk. At the same time, we follow a fee-based approach that always puts the client’s best interests first, avoids conflicts of interest with the sale of investment products, and provides more transparency regarding what clients are being charged.

About Wealth Advisors Group

Wealth Advisors Group draws upon president David Urovsky’s 20+ years of experience in the financial services industry to provide comprehensive, holistic and risk-managed investment management and wealth management services to clients who are ready to retire or who have already retired. The firm is based in the heart of downtown Frederick, Md. David Urovsky is a registered representative of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp., a broker/dealer (member SIPC) and registered investment advisor. Wealth Advisors Group is not an affiliate of Lincoln Financial Advisors. For more information, visit

About Lincoln Financial Network

Lincoln Financial Network is the marketing name for the retail sales and financial planning affiliates of Lincoln Financial Group and includes Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. and Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation, both members of FINRA and SIPC. Consisting of approximately 8,500 representatives, agents and full-service financial planners throughout the United States, Lincoln Financial Network professionals can offer financial planning and advisory services, retirement services, life products, annuities, investments, and trust services to affluent individuals, business owners and families.



Introducing a New Way to Raise Your Investment IQ

By David Urovsky

Investing the intelligent way. That’s what my new blog, David Urovsky’s Investment IQ, is all about.

For more than 20 years, I have been helping clients achieve their financial goals through comprehensive, holistic financial planning and wealth management. Through Wealth Advisors Group, the independent financial services firm I founded in 2002, I work primarily with people who are ready to retire or who have already retired.

The core values I developed over the past two decades set me apart from traditional financial planners. First and foremost, I strongly emphasize managing risk in a portfolio. My number one goal is to obtain optimal returns with the least amount of risk.

My team and I make it a point to know our clients and their objectives, while educating them about their options. Clients tell us that they appreciate our ability to explain the complexities of the financial world in ways that are meaningful, yet easy to understand.

Over time, we have watched our clients work toward achieving their financial goals through well-conceived planning and commitment. Our success is directly attributed to the close relationships we have fostered by playing an active role in the long-term success of our clients’ financial lives.

These values bring me to why I started this blog. Taking care of financial matters with confidence and optimism is a long journey, and I want this blog to be a starting point. My goal is to enlighten and empower those seeking advice about finances.

We will cover a lot of ground in this blog. We’ll deal with financial trends, market developments (both domestic and global), investment planning, tax reduction strategies and pressing public policy issues related to finance and investments. From time to time, we will go beyond financial nuts and bolts and address questions of lifestyle that pre- and post-retirees face.

Along the way, I will tap into the expanded research and financial information resources now available to us through our new broker-dealer affiliation with Lincoln Financial Advisors, one of Lincoln Financial Network’s two broker-dealers. More on that in our next post.

Stay tuned!


Hallmarks of a Client-Centric Investment Approach

Hallmarks of a Client-Centric Investment Approach

By David Urovsky

Knowing the client. That is what a client-centric investment approach is all about.

An investment advisor’s work process must begin with the client. The advisor must take the time to really get to know the client as an individual. In the first meeting, the advisor should ask about the client’s current financial circumstances. Factors to review include annual income, job security and satisfaction, and financial assets set aside for retirement or other financial objectives. Then the advisor and client should discuss anticipated financial goals and the time horizon the client has in mind.

Based on a careful study of this information, the advisor is then able to develop a customized financial plan that offers several approaches to investment – all of which are clearly defined, manageable and responsive to the criteria the client has provided. After the client selects the approach that seems most appropriate, the advisor finalizes and exacts the plan, choosing carefully from the vast array of financial products available in the marketplace.

Day-to-day, the client-centric investment approach is demonstrated through attentive service that includes returning phone calls and e-mails promptly (on the same business day). And sometimes, the advisor goes above and beyond.

For example, a couple of weeks ago, I went with a client to help her buy a car because she wasn’t familiar with all of the financial terms and jargon. Next week, I’m going to sit with a client and her attorney to discuss alimony disagreements with her ex-spouse.

Client-centric portfolio management also means being proactive with regular and frequent client communication by phone, e-mail, mail and, if appropriate, in-person meetings.

Consistent portfolio review is another hallmark. Depending on the client’s preference, portfolio reviews could be quarterly, semi-annual or annual.  Whatever the frequency, these reviews must be done consistently. They can be done in-person or by phone, depending on the client’s preference. Either way, consistent portfolio reviews make it possible for the advisor to respond more effectively to changes in the client’s life or market conditions.

Perhaps the most important hallmark of the client-centric investment approach is that all investment solutions are customized and personalized.  This means strict avoidance of cookie cutter solutions or pre-packaged investment models.

In the long run, client-centric investment depends on the quality of personal relationships. As an advisor, I’m not just a stranger who manages money. I make it my business to be accessible to my clients. In that spirit, I have been known to make house calls.

David Urovsky is registered representative of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. Securities and investment advisory services offered through Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp., a broker/dealer, Member (SIPC) and registered investment advisor. Insurance offered through Lincoln affiliates and other fine companies. It is not our position to offer legal or tax advice. Wealth Advisors Group is not an affiliate of Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp. CRN-2400901-012919